A mortgage is one of the most significant financial products that people ever purchase, and in the UK, around 70% choose to arrange them through brokers. Using a broker allows the borrower to benefit from a broker’s knowledge of the market, their ability to identify and select suitable products for them, and their assistance in the unfamiliar and complex process of arranging a mortgage. They offer the customer expertise and the trust that comes with being a regulated advisor.

Most brokers already rely on some technology in their roles for aspects like maintaining customer details, selecting the right products and submitting applications. However, regardless of how digitised a broker is, there is still a lot of routine administration, such as chasing documents and information, or phoning around to find out what other parties involved in the transaction are doing.

It’s this aspect of the role that Coadjute can help with.


With Coadjute, mortgage brokers will get the following features:

  • Events Tracker – Enables parties to have automated real-time work progression, knowing exactly where the transaction is in the process and reducing the need to spend time chasing other parties for updates.
  • Events Manager – Enables parties to plan and collaborate with each other to ensure that key facts about the transaction are kept in sync across all systems such as price, and exchange and completion dates.
  • Secure Messaging – Enables parties to communicate with each other through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, avoiding the risk of data loss, and preventing fraud through business email compromise.
  • Reduced administration.
  • Secure communications.
  • Faster transactions.

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