Changing the way, you buy and sell your home fast and securely. You can be reassured that with Coadjute:

  • You will be more in control of the buying and selling of your property
  • You won’t have to resend mountains of documents over and over again.
  • You could buy a property in less time.

Buying a home should be an amazing life adventure. Thanks to technology, the search and promotion of residential properties that are up for sale can be great fun. With Coadjute the task of applying for a mortgage, and the process of moving from an accepted offer to completion can be much faster and secure.

However, today, buyers and sellers spend endless hours and days chasing people for updates, panicking over finances and stressing about the amount of paperwork that needs to be submitted.

Let’s not forget the risk of theft of private information and money. It’s been an ongoing problem for a few years now, insecure emails of closing information and funds transfer instructions are intercepted by hackers, spoofed with new information and funds disappear.

It’s hard enough for the vast majority of people to get on the property ladder and Coadjute can help buyers and sellers better enjoy the journey by making it transparent, faster and more secure.

We are working hard to launch this application via the existing property software providers.