Can you imagine a world in which getting a mortgage and moving takes days not months? With the Coadjute Platform, buyers and sellers can connect with the estate agents, conveyancers, lenders and brokers in real-time and securely. They can transact faster, and communicate with each other more effectively.

The Coadjute Platform enables:
  • To have real-time updates on events in the transaction as an when they complete, knowing exactly where the transaction is in the process and reducing the need for spending time chasing all the parties for updates.
  • To collaborate with each other to ensure that key facts about the transaction are kept in sync across all systems such as key dates, and documentation.
  • To communicate with each other through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, which prevents fraud through business email compromise.
The small print but the big news
  • High security: automatic exchange of sensitive information (documents or messages) from platform to platform, securely, faster and point to point.
  • Confidence and visibility: share tasks with other parties engaged in the transaction and receive automated updates to these tasks as the sales process moves ahead.
  • In control: monitors tasks across chains to identify events that might negatively impact the target completion date and act on it. It also enables all parties to be updated when something changes in the transaction.

We are working hard to launch this application via the existing property software providers.