Conveyancers play a critical role in the property market, handling titles and payment, and ensuring that the buyer’s and seller’s rights are protected. In an increasingly digitised world, their legal experience and expertise in managing the many possible exceptions is as vital as ever to customers.

Conveyancers know that a successful outcome depends on:

  • Conducting robust due diligence, protecting the buyer’s and seller’s rights and ensuring legal obligations are met.
  • Ensuring a robust and secure process for handling monies, both client and lender.
  • Managing a complex and often evolving process at pace, and with accuracy, helping the buyer and seller to complete the property transaction when they need to.

Spending time on these activities is a constant challenge though. Routine tasks like chasing the other parties on the phone, confirming funds have been sent and received, and finding, emailing and faxing the many documents, can be a drain on your time.


Coadjute is digitally connecting estate agents and conveyancers so they can transact without friction, faster, more securely and with greater levels of transparency. The result: less administration, less risk of failed transactions or delayed funds, improved seller and buyer satisfaction, and more time for identifying and solving the legal aspects of the transaction.

Coadjute integrates with your existing CRM or Case Management Systems so it’s seamless. Some of the features include:

  • Events Tracker – Enables parties to have automated real-time work progression, knowing exactly where the transaction is in the process and reducing the need to spend time chasing other parties for updates.
  • Events Manager – Enables parties to plan and collaborate with each other to ensure that key facts about the transaction are kept in sync across all systems such as price, and exchange and completion dates.
  • Secure Messaging – Enables parties to communicate with each other through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, avoiding the risk of data loss, and preventing fraud through business email compromise.
  • Reduced administration.
  • Secure communications.
  • Faster transactions.

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