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Coadjute is digitally connecting conveyancers to all parties involved in a property transaction so you can complete without friction, faster, more securely and with greater levels of transparency.

Your improved software will save you time and energy dealing with non-conveyancing tasks, so you can focus on growing your business and building stronger relationships with your clients.

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Collaborate within your existing software

Routine tasks such as chasing other parties and relocating and sharing endless documents can be a real drain on you and your clients, slowing down the whole transaction process.

Coadjute opens the way to improve day to day working for the industry. Coadjute is digitally connecting conveyancers to all other parties involved in a property transaction so they can transact without friction, faster, more securely and with greater levels of transparency.

We do this by connecting different property software platforms together using the Coadjute Network.

The result: less administration, less risk of failed or delayed transactions, improved buyer and seller satisfaction, and more time for identifying and solving key legal issues.

Request Coadjute for your property software

You can request Coadjute for your existing software by letting us know which system you use and we’ll contact them on your behalf. We can also connect your own in-house property software to the rest of the network.

Coadjute is the proud Official Headline Partner for the ESTAS 2021

We are honoured to work with the ESTAS to bring together the very best estate agents, conveyancers, and mortgage brokers under one roof.

This year's theme of 'Working Together Better' is something we believe in passionately and we are delighted to be supporting the ESTAS and the whole property industry to celebrate the best service and the benefits of working together.

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Book a demo with our team and discover the new features that can be added to the property software platform you already use today.

Coadjute enables you to collaborate within your existing software and create an improved experience for your customers.

Book a demo with our team and explore the new possibilities for your business when you're connected by Coadjute.

How Coadjute will benefit your practice

Coadjute is helping to improve the way conveyancers work by connecting your software and legal case management systems to other parties in the property market.

By being able to connect seamlessly to all parties involved in a property transaction through your existing software you can spend more time on legal review.

Coadjute improves your legal case management software so you always know the status of the deal. You can cooperate with all parties involved in a transaction on the Coadjute Network using our secure messaging platform and save hours chasing for updates.

Protect sensitive client data by using our encrypted network which only you and the receiving party can see.

Avoid the risk of fraud and business email compromise - our secure blockchain technology helps protect your data and all information can easily be shared through your existing software platform.

Experience faster transactions as you reduce admin time chasing for updates. Create time for legal review and growing your client base.

You can increase your revenue whilst providing additional value to your clients with much faster transactions.


The Coadjute Network

Coadjute integrates with your existing software and legal case management systems seamlessly. The Coadjute Network’s features include:

Event Tracker

Enables all parties to have automated real-time work progression. This means everyone knows exactly where the transaction has progressed to without the need for chasing or being chased.

This makes it easy to identify delays or blockers, creating peace of mind that tasks are being completed on time, and giving you more time to focus on what matters most to you.

Event Manager

Empowers you to plan and collaborate with each other externally using shared Project Boards, to ensure that key facts including price, exchange and completion dates, are kept in sync across all systems.

This allows for simpler, faster, and more efficient sales.

Secure Messaging

Facilitates communication through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, avoiding the risk of data loss, and preventing fraud through compromised emails.

Easily contact all parties involved in the property transaction and achieve fast results like never before.

Document Exchange

Allows you to directly send and receive documents, safely and securely. This feature enables easy sharing of files such as KYC documentation, Heads of Terms, Searches, CPSEs, Title Deeds, Deposits, Guarantees, Contracts of Sale and Transfers or mortgage information.

Effortlessly and securely send documents, all from within your existing software platform.


Enable confidential collaboration within secure private workspaces. An estate agent that you work with on a shared property transaction can create a private workspace and invite you to join.

Rooms allow you to collaborate, keeping sensitive data safe, store files, organise work, share documents and send real-time tasks and alerts - all in an encrypted collaborative environment.

Ask for Coadjute!

To offer additional value to your clients and save time chasing parties for updates request Coadjute!

Complete our short request form and we’ll contact your software or legal case management system provider on your behalf to request Coadjute to benefit your business.