Estate agents would like to spend more effort and energy in:

  • Building a strong rapport with applicants in a short period of time, getting to understand their needs and tastes.
  • Keeping in contact with existing applicants on a regular basis to ensure they meet their applicants needs.
  • Spending their time ‘selling’ the viewing, not the property. It is a fact that unless applicants view properties they will not buy or rent them.

Instead of spending their time and efforts in low-value tasks like chasing multiple parties via phone, email and even fax; or handling deposit & money from consumers at their own risk; or dealing with the complexity of a multi-transaction deal; estate agents can focus on what matters most.

Estate agents have a pivotal role in defining the future of the UK property market. In a digitised world, this role is more vital than ever before as the challenges faced around buying and selling houses are significant. The pace of doing property transactions should be much faster. Time kills deals.

At Coadjute we are championing a world where estate agents can fulfil their potential and being recognised for the real value that they could be adding.

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