We imagine a world in which getting a mortgage and moving home is an enjoyable adventure that takes days, not months.

Introducing Instant Property

Instant Property empowers Lenders to help their customers acquire a mortgage and move home in one simple, smart and secure digital journey.

The Instant Property (IPN) distributed ledger and smart contract network acts as smart middleware for the property ecosystem integrating platforms and systems used by estate agents, brokers, lenders, conveyancers and surveyors along the property value chain, moving the industry from open data to orchestrated workflow that reduces time, cost and risks whilst opening up new revenue opportunities.

Increased transparency removes costly process friction and delivers a single source of the truth as a foundation for trust and game changing joined up digital customer experiences.


Customer Satisfaction

A seamless digital customer experience through the integration of services along the mortgage and property buying journey

User Journey Tracking

Orchestrated sharing and synchronisation of data by businesses participating in the users mortgage and home buying journey


Faster sales cycles through data sharing and the automation of routine activities

Reduced Fraud

Increased security and privacy with reduced exposure to fraud through programmable money and the removable of business email compromise

Trusted Data

Greater level of certainty through real time, immutable & trusted data

Instant Settlement

Instant settlement with mortgage and deposit tokens on ledger settling based on smart contract rules