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Coadjute is connecting lenders to mortgage brokers, estate agents, conveyancers and all other parties involved in a property transaction by connecting property software systems on the Coadjute Network.

Coadjute can help your business to provide an outstanding customer experience, cut technology costs and improve mortgage operations. Our blockchain network enables you to streamline, automate, and transform processes with real-time event data, workflows and document sharing, plus powerful analytics.

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Coadjute is digitally connecting the property market by linking property software systems together so you can collaborate with multiple parties all within your existing property software, faster and more securely. This provides you and your customers with a new level of transparency and control over a property transaction, reducing friction and increasing the speed to completion.

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How Coadjute provides you with an advantage

When you integrate to Coadjute you connect your systems to the rest of the property market, improving your service, streamlining operations and cutting costs.

With Coadjute you create a great customer experience by giving customers real-time updates of what is happening in their house purchase and enabling a digital property experience.

With our Event Tracker feature, you can provide quick updates for your customers on the status of their property transaction.

Reduce call centre and processing costs by introducing real-time tracking, and rapid, secure sharing of documents with third parties, enabling better operational planning and control.

Cut down on expensive and complex point-to-point API integrations. Connect to Coadjute once and connect to many across the property market.

Coadjute is built on the latest enterprise blockchain technology originally developed for lenders, so you can be confident that your customers' data is protected.

We provide encrypted, trackable, auditable communications ensuring world-class data security for you and your customers.


Additional features with Coadjute

When your software is connected to the Coadjute Network you can benefit from the following features, reducing your costs and providing you with a complete view of the property transaction:

Event Tracker

Event Tracker enables you with a real-time and 360° view of your customers' property transactions across multiple parties. Your business can now provide fast and clear updates to your customers on the status of the deal.

Event Manager

Plan and collaborate with estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and all other parties involved in a property transaction with Event Manager.

This feature ensures there is one single source of truth for the property transaction which keeps key details in sync including price, and exchange and completion dates.

Secure Messaging

Communicate with other key parties through our secure and encrypted messaging channel. Provide unprecedented security as all messages sent through the Coadjute Network are secured with DLT blockchain technology.

Document Exchange

Share documents related to the property transaction, including sensitive customer data, using Document Exchange on the Coadjute Network.

All documents are encrypted so you can exchange them with confidence.


Enable confidential collaboration within secure private workspaces. You can work together with other parties involved in a shared property transaction who benefit from the same features of their own property software.

Rooms allow you to collaborate by storing files, organising work, sharing documents and sending real-time tasks and alerts - all in an encrypted environment.

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Coadjute is working with lenders to create a better way for the property market to cooperate together.

Contact our team to discuss how Coadjute can benefit your business and learn how to connect your own in-house software to the Coadjute Network with one simple integration.