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Coadjute is digitally connecting the property market by linking property software systems so you can collaborate with multiple parties all within your existing property software.

You can gain a competitive advantage over other companies by working faster, more securely and with greater levels of transparency.

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Collaborate within your existing software

Your property software helps save you time by managing your leads. However, waiting on other parties in the process could be slowing you down. This is because the software you use isn’t consistently connected to other software platforms in the market.

Coadjute connects your existing property software to others used in the market, so you can spend less time chasing lenders, conveyancers and estate agents with time-consuming calls and emails. This frees you up to build a better relationship with your customers and provide a better experience for them.

With Coadjute you can now communicate seamlessly from within your existing platform. Creating a better experience for your customers.

Request Coadjute for your property software

Request Coadjute for your property software and we’ll speak directly to your provider on your behalf to help them add Coadjute to your existing software. We also integrate with your own in-house systems.

Coadjute is the proud Official Headline Partner for the ESTAS 2021

We are honoured to work with the ESTAS to bring together the very best estate agents, conveyancers, and mortgage brokers under one roof.

This year's theme of 'Working Together Better' is something we believe in passionately and we are delighted to be supporting the ESTAS and the whole property industry to celebrate the best service and the benefits of working together.

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Book a demo with our team and discover the new features that can be added to the property software platform you already use today.

Coadjute enables you to collaborate within your existing software and create an improved experience for your customers.

Book a demo with our team and explore the new possibilities for your business when you're connected by Coadjute.

How Coadjute improves your business

Coadjute is improving the lives of mortgage brokers by connecting software providers across the property market.

Spend your time on high-value activities like sourcing mortgages, fact-finding with clients and following up with clients to secure remortgages.

Coadjute improves your existing software so you always know the status of the deal. Cooperate with other parties on the Coadjute Network through our secure messaging platform and save time chasing for updates.

We know that as a mortgage advisor you need to repeat data across multiple systems. Coadjute connects property software across the industry so there’s no more repeating data.

Your customers can enter their information once and this is shared with all relevant parties involved in the deal.

Your existing systems contain sensitive data and can be left vulnerable to fraud and data theft through business email compromise. Coadjute provides world-leading security with the latest blockchain technology, so you can be confident that your customers' data is protected.


The Coadjute Solution

Coadjute offer a simple and effective solution for your software providers to help them offer you a great experience and improve your brokerage. There are four features of Coadjute that are helping transform the software you use:

Event Tracker

Gain access to automated real-time work progression software. Know exactly where in the property transaction process you are, reducing the need to spend time chasing other parties for updates.

Event Manager

Plan and cooperate with other parties involved in the property transaction and communicate with each other to ensure that key facts about the transaction such as price, and exchange and completion dates are kept in sync across all systems.

Secure Messaging

Use our Secure Messaging service to communicate with each other through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, avoiding the risk of data loss, and preventing fraud through compromised business emails.

Document Exchange

Directly share and receive documents on the Coadjute Network with Document Exchange including sensitive customer or mortgage information. All documents are encrypted so you can share with confidence.


Work together with other parties involved in a property transaction in our Rooms feature. You can share documents, message each other and send real-time tasks and alerts from within your existing software platform.

Ask for Coadjute!

If you are looking for better ways of working, then improve your software and request Coadjute!

Complete our short request form and we’ll contact your software provider on your behalf to request Coadjute to improve the way you work.

Our team can also help you integrate Coadjute into your existing in-house software.