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June house viewings and property listings rise in market recovery

30 June 2020

‘The property market is back’, claims property industry report

19 June 2020

PropTech Today: Do we care that tech can now halve transaction times?

17 June 2020

‘Revolution in property sales progression’ technology announced today

12 June 2020

Blockchain 'could double the speed of UK property sales'

11 June 2020 

Property Market To Be Connected By Blockchain:  Technology firms... announce they will join Coadjute platform

11 June 2020 

‘There’s no doubt about it, this week the property market is back’

11 June 2020

Property Market To Be Connected By Blockchain

11 June 2020 

Sales In Offer Stage Overtake Number In Exchange And Completion

1 June 2020 

Coadjute: Offer stage overtakes exchanges and completions for first time since lockdown

29 May 2020 

BOUNCE BACK: More properties are now ‘under offer’ than exchanging or completing

29 May 2020

Russia’s central bank mulls digital mortgages on blockchain

29 May 2020 

Coadjute: Viewings booked up by 188% in the last week

21 May 2020 

House sales increased by 76% last week after housing market re-opened

21 May 2020

Isolation thoughts – Embrace the Chaos

20 May 2020 

Digitisation under duress heralds a better future for property transactions

18 May 2020 

Exclusive: 'There is huge latent demand in housing market following Coronavirus lockdown’

15 May 2020

Advance bookings for property viewings up 182% in 4 weeks according to new report

7 May 2020

Coadjute appoints international technology marketer, Javier Diez-Aguirre as Chief Marketing Officer

6 May 2020

Proptech firm hires RBS director of innovation as CEO

5 May 2020

Coadjute hires RBS Director of Innovation, Dan Salmons, as CEO

4 May 2020

New free service claims it will be first to tell agents market is reviving

28 April 2020

Proptech start-ups that could change the way you buy, sell and let your home

5 March 2020 

Whipping up your market with the five ingredients of interoperability

5 March 2020 

Blockchain, digital currency and cryptocurrency: moving into the mainstream?  

21 February 2020 

Blockchain:  an emerging opportunity for surveyors?

(references Coadjute's 'Instant Property Network')

11 February 2020 

Proptech 2020: the future of real estate

(references Coadjute's 'Instant Property Network')

February 2020 

Reapit takes another step towards end-to-end digital home buying

20 January 2020 

Property jobs today - new year, new job moves…

13 January 2020

10 prop tech companies to watch in 2020

12 December 2019 

NatWest to use blockchain to streamline home buying in the UK

1 December 2019 

Ep.86 – Real estate on the blockchain – insights from Coadjute

30 November 2019 

On its way – ‘game changer for industry will speed up home buying and selling’, claim

29 November 2019 

Housing associations team with tech company to improve safety

29 November 2019 

UK PropTech Coadjute seeks DLT-based property sales, NatWest bank backs project

28 November 2019 

NatWest forms blockchain consortium to streamline home buying In UK

28 November 2019 

Coadjute brings blockchain technology to housing

28 November 2019 

Improving safety, quality and accountability in housing projects

24 October 2019

After Grenfell disaster, UK proptech Coadjute partners with housing associations to make

24 October 2019

From smart contracts to blockchain

16 October 2019 

Digging beneath the surface of blockchain property transactions

21 May 2019 

General election 2019: five housing wishes for the next government

11 December 2019 

Startup completes first end-to-end international real estate blockchain trial

4 April 2019 

New platform aims to cut property transaction time by months

4 April 2019 

Barclays, RBS Join Blockchain Trial to Speed Property Sales

4 April 2019 

HM Land Registry to explore the benefits of blockchain

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