You, as a software provider will be able to access the Coadjute Platform either via the Coadjute Core API or by installing one or more of the Coadjute Core Suite of white-labelled Applications into your own platform.

Coadjute becomes an extension of your business and a premium service provider.

  • Digital innovation: significant new functionality delivered within your software without significant development costs
  • New revenue streams: the ability to resell transaction-based services, driving greater revenues than normal ‘user license’ based models
  • Ease of integration:  straight-forward API integrations, backed up by expert support for product design and development making it easy to integrate Coadjute in the software
  • Collaboration, not competition:  we are not developing our own portals for customers or users, and therefore do not represent a threat to your current business models
  • Data security:  the use of DLT ensures that, your data remains under your control, and encrypted transactions ensure other parties cannot see or use your data and reduce risk of data loss.

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