Why Coadjute?

Today, the property buying process can be slow, complex, and costly for both buyers and sellers as well as the businesses that serve them. This is not caused by the companies themselves, but by the lack of connectivity between them. Coadjute was formed to change this.

Why coadjute

Connecting the property market

Our intelligent and open network connects property software systems via one simple integration. This enables all parties involved in the property transaction to rapidly and securely share messages and documents, and synchronise events with other parties on the network. This includes estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders.

Connecting, not disrupting

Coadjute’s Network is uniquely designed to sit behind the front-end systems businesses already use, linking them together rather than replacing them.

This means that users can continue to use their existing property software while benefiting from Coadjute’s network: connecting them to the parties involved in property transactions without replacing their systems.

Additionally, Coadjute doesn’t hold any of your data. In fact, we can’t even see it. Each party remains in control of their data and only shares information when permitted with other parties involved in the property deal.

Add additional value to your property software

Property businesses can use their existing property software and now also experience a fully digital property transaction - helping them to reduce costs, improve business resilience, increase revenues and transform their customer experience.

The Coadjute network has been developed over the last two years in trials with over 40 market leaders in the UK and internationally. Backed by global VC investors and supported by major players in the property market, the network will launch to the UK market in 2021.

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The Coadjute journey

Coadjute was established in 2018 and we have spent the last 2 years trialling and piloting our technology, in preparation for our launch in 2021.

The founders of Coadjute led a groundbreaking project for the HM Land Registry called “Digital Street”, which showed how blockchain could transform the property market.

This gave our founders the idea of creating a network to connect the whole property industry. They wanted to see a world where buyers and sellers could move with ease in days.

The Coadjute Developer Portal launches and partners get their first sight of the power of Coadjute.


Following the success of the global pilot, the team conducted a more advanced, UK-based pilot with market leaders including NatWest, DezRez, and Redbrick, plus estate agents, conveyancers, and their customers.


The team expands to 20 as the build of our national scale UK platform gets underway.

Coadjute receives backing from global VC firms including Ahimsa-Esya Capital, Blockchain Valley Ventures, Collab+Currency and Odysseus Investments.

The Coadjute Developer Portal launches and partners get their first sight of the power of Coadjute.

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