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Coadjute is the world’s first real-time network for the property market

Coadjute connects estate agents, conveyancers and all other parties in a shared property deal through the software they already use today.

Our revolutionary technology brings together everyone involved in a transaction, improving communication and speeding up the process.

Coadjute connects the existing software that property businesses use, enabling them to synchronise data, share documents, and connect to HM Land Registry instantly and securely in real-time. As a result, for the first time all parties involved in a property deal can track the live progress of the transaction from start to finish.

The Coadjute Network is embedded behind the existing software already used by property professionals, making it easy to adopt and simple to use. Property data, messages, documents, digital identities, digital signatures and even digital cash can all be transmitted across our highly secure network.

A new era for the property market has begun.

Collaborate with Coadjute

Coadjute saves each party hours of chasing each other and their customers on the status of the deal so that they can now prioritise key, value-adding, and revenue-creating activities.

By co-operating using existing software which is connected by Coadjute, users can discover smarter ways of working, speed up case progression and better manage their time.

Drive value for your customers

Coadjute is a new, intelligent, cost-effective, and powerful open network set to connect the property market like never before. We help you to create a great experience for your customers while saving everyone in the process time and money.

Already joining the Coadjute Network

Major software providers are already joining the Coadjute Network to link estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders and improve the way they collaborate together.

Join these companies and many more and connect to the Coadjute Network.

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Partners on the Network

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Book a demo with our team and discover how Coadjute can enhance your property software.

Coadjute enables collaboration within the existing software platforms property professionals use and creates an improved experience for their customers.

Request a demo with our team and explore the new possibilities for your business when you're connected by Coadjute.

Discover exciting new features

The Coadjute Network offers property software providers the ability to create and develop new features, with the support of Coadjute, to add to their existing property software platforms. Discover just some of the features that software providers on the Network are creating.

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Event Tracker

Event Tracker enables you to receive real-time updates on events within a property deal. This new feature synchronises key milestones from property transactions across software platforms to give a complete view of the end-to-end process, which reduces the need for you to spend time chasing other parties for updates.

You can set up a new property deal on the Network, find partners to connect to, and then track events and tasks in real-time. All parties involved in the deal will automatically receive event notifications when there is a change in the status of the deal, to help keep the transaction stay on track.

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Secure Messenger

Secure Messenger enables you to send and receive messages in real-time from within your software - there’s no need to use a separate email platform. This new instant messenger facilitates communication through a secure and encrypted messaging channel, avoiding the risk of data loss, and preventing fraud through compromised emails. You can create a group for all parties involved in the property transaction or message one-to-one and achieve fast results like never before.

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Document Exchange

Document Exchange allows you to directly send and receive documents, safely and securely. This feature enables easy sharing of files such as ID and KYC documents, the sales contract, and mortgage details – without having to log in to a separate platform. The Network enables you to securely store shared documents on your platform, keeping records synchronised in real-time and safe from the risk of fraud.

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The directory provides users with high-powered search functionality that’s updated in real-time, making it easy to find and connect with other parties across the property market. With this new functionality, you can search for other parties on the Coadjute Network and invite them to connect and collaborate more effectively within a secure and private environment.

Coadjute is digitally connecting estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, and lenders to transact without friction, faster, more securely, and with greater transparency.

The result: less administration, fewer failed transactions, better cash flow, improved buyer and seller satisfaction, and more time for new customers.

Find out how we are helping each party involved in the property buying and selling process by connecting the property market with Coadjute.

Coadjute is the proud Official Headline Partner for the ESTAS 2021.

We are honoured to work with the ESTAS to bring together the very best estate agents, conveyancers, and mortgage brokers under one roof.

This year's theme of 'Working Together Better' is something we believe in passionately and we are delighted to be supporting the ESTAS and the whole property industry to celebrate the best service and the benefits of working together.

  • "We are pleased and proud to be part of this very exciting initiative which will significantly revolutionise the home buying process for the benefit of the consumer and all the professionals involved. Linking all these parties digitally will see a far more transparent and speedy process for everyone involved and using good tech, such as those provided by Coadjute and the existing prop-tech companies makes complete sense for all."

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    Martin MacDuff, Managing Director

    Redbrick Solutions

  • “The mortgage industry has been on the precipice of true digital transformation over the last few years, but we need to take that final leap of faith. Coadjute not only gives us the technology to make this a reality, but it also facilitates the step-change in industry culture and mindset that we need to collaborate effectively. I'm so excited about what we're about to set in motion and the difference it will make to us and our customers.”

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    Maria Harris, Non-Executive Director

    United Trust Bank

  • “Reapit’s Foundations platform enables instant integration with some of the smartest, most effective PropTech solutions on the market today. Coadjute is one such solution that we’re pleased to partner with, and we’re very excited for our customers to benefit from the greater transparency and increased efficiency in the progression of property transactions.”        

    Reapit Website Quote Logo

    Paul Starkey, Chief Commercial Officer


  • "We are excited to be part of this initiative that will help our clients to accelerate the home buying journey for their buyers and sellers. Our products put agents in control of their businesses by bringing all their software together in one place. Being part of the Coadjute platform takes connectivity a stage further and utilises the latest tech to improve the efficiency of the home buying process.”

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    Richard Price, Managing Director

    DezRez Group

  • “Various attempts have been made over the last decade or two to really try to improve the way property is bought and sold. Unfortunately, very few of those attempts have made any real headway. Coadjute, with its well-thought-through uniqueness, could be the fillip that the process needs. I am delighted to have been invited to be part of the Coadjute journey”

    Bold Legal Group Website Quote Logo

    Rob Hailstone, CEO

    Bold Legal Group

  • “We are fully focussed on the data revolution and our systems all have connectivity by design. From our work participating in Government and Industry initiatives, it is clear that speed and transparency around property transactions is the main focus of the government. Through property logbooks, the BASPI and reservation Fees, the central most important element is the speed of the transaction and it is our mission to work with Coadjute to reduce the average 30% fall out and lost profit for our clients as well as improving and de-stressing the process for consumers. We could not be more excited to develop this model.”

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    Peter Grant, CEO

    Openview - Powered by VTUK

  • “We are committed to fostering innovation and collaboration in the property industry. Connecting our open sales and lettings CRM solutions with Coadjute’s blockchain platform is an exciting and powerful proposition, and we look forward to unlocking its benefits for our users and wider network of integrated partner organisations.”

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    Trevor Youens, Residential Solutions Director, UK

    MRI Software

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