Coadjute is digitally connecting the UK property market

Imagine a world in which the property industry is digitally connected.

A world where buying and selling a home takes days not months, where customers feel in control, and businesses work together seamlessly, efficiently and securely.

Our open network enables simpler, smarter, more secure connections, interactions and transactions across the property market ecosystem. We apply a combination of collaboration, open innovation and blockchain technology to drive business advantage, improve customer experience and enable the property industry to digitise.

Backed by R3, the leading provider of enterprise blockchain software globally, we are joined by many of the most prominent names in the property market. Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Surveyors, Brokers, Lending Banks, and Technology Providers all share our vision.

Join the blockchain revolution. Join Coadjute.




Openly share data, connect workflows and transparently view value flows across the key areas of property: build, buy, occupy.

Simple & Secure

Connect, interact, transact directly in a simple, smart and secure way, creating shared, immutable, transparent and trusted records.


Decentralised data, workflows and business process supported by standards and the cooperative sharing of responsibility for governance.


Simpler, faster more secure and customer-centric property industry with orchestrated online experiences that span multiple organisations.

Value Driven

Vast financial savings, increased automation, data excavation, and analytics enabling game-changing insights and performance improvements.


Catalysing value-adding collaboration, cooperation and open innovation future-proofing business models, reducing risk and cost whilst creating new revenue opportunities.

What the industry is
saying About us

“The IPN trial has demonstrated the efficiency of enabling multiple parties to work on a single property transaction using a shared technology network. The addition of distributed ledger technology to residential conveyancing enhances transparency, trust and certainty in a process that for many can seem opaque, inefficient and outside of their control. We believe that the success of the IPN trial represents an important first step towards the digitalisation of the wider real estate sector. To have so many stakeholders participating is a testament to the transformative value that distributed ledger technology can bring to the sector and we look forward to being part of that transformation.

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“We were excited to participate in R3’s CorDapp trial of the IPN distributed ledger-based property settlement system, which aims to significantly speed up property transactions. Baker McKenzie is always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to delivering better, more efficient service to our clients. The network has the potential to transform the conveyancing process and in the future enable tokenisation of property which will redefine the way in which we transact real estate.”

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“We are always looking for innovative ways that help to make our customer lives easier. We have been actively participating with the Instant Property Network and are excited with the possibility of significantly reducing the home buying process and removing much of the stress that comes with buying a new home.”

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“At Clifford Chance, we know that clients and stakeholders in the real estate industry want more collaboration and greater connectivity. The future of the industry is for all to operate across a common network, and benefit from significant gains to efficiency and transparency. Instant Property Network not only offers the upsides of high connectivity with transaction participants, it also maintains tight control of data that is shared on the network – a strong proposition in the industry”.

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“As an asset and investment manager Commerz Real recognizes the revolutionary power of blockchain technology in the real estate market. Especially, for real estate transactions, which are traditionally complex and time-consuming, it is important to have a secure environment, which allows to include all relevant parties. IPN showcases a possible scenario to realize this potential in an easily comprehensible and customer-friendly way.”

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"We are a local bank from LATAM, reason why we find it´s remarkable our speed for attend the technical challenge of this PoC that improves our position in the Blockchain Ecosystem"

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“Coordinating multiple players in a simple, secure and transparent workflow has the potential to reduce by orders of magnitude the time and resources required in a traditional Real Estate transaction”

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“Instant Property Network offered an opportunity not only to gain hands-on experience with the blockchain technology, but also to understand how business processes can be simplified by creating a common set of standards within the ecosystem. IPN successfully demonstrated the potential of smart contracts by bringing greater transparency, speed and trust to real-estate property trading.”

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“We are committed to making home buying as effortless as possible for our customers, and are at the forefront of innovations that enable us to do that. We see real potential for Blockchain to transform the process, and so have been delighted to take part in the innovative IPN trial.   What has made a real difference here is that R3 has brought representatives of all the key parties involved in the process together, so as a result we can see the potential for a network of this kind to improve transparency and speed for customers, and reduce cost and complexity for all involved.  IPN has given us our best view yet of what a future end-to-end journey could look like.”

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“The IPN application has huge potential for creating new value, given the manner in which it deals with complex jurisdictional property transaction processes including land title transfer, and tax settlement”.

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“IPN has great potential to improve numerous industries because it involves so many businesses, including governmental authorities. From the view of insurance sector, I fully understood this opportunity and the need to accept blockchain technology. This is why we have joined this great project.”

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“We’re excited to be the first land and property data provider taking part in the Instant Property Network’s (IPN) distributed ledger technology (DLT) trial. This has far reaching potential to turn the entire home buying and selling process on its head, forever. DLT has been an industry buzz word for some time now, and it’s great to be part of an international team of like-minded PropTech businesses who are putting that word into meaningful action. The results will help transform the current antiquated transaction process into one that’s modern and technology driven, where information is automatically verified and shared securely. The IPN trial has immense benefits for commercial property lawyers in particular, who want to be on the cutting edge of proptech for large corporate clients and developers”.

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“IPN have managed to bring together over 40 impressive and key stakeholders to the home buying process from around the world to engage in an open and collaborative manner at proof of concept stage. This gives us great hope for what the proof of value stage will achieve. Shieldpay is excited to continue working alongside IPN and other stakeholders to bring to reality a piece of innovation that could have a significant impact on how property is bought and sold worldwide going forward. Shieldpay's involvement in this project has allowed us to demonstrate the versatility of our instant digital escrow solution to bring efficiency and transparency to any transaction and builds well upon what we have built and intend to build. The adventure begins!”

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“The Instant Property Network is a potential game changer for the real estate industry globally. The IPN trial has shown significant industry demand for a network that has the potential to transform the conveyancing process. For the first time we are developing a common network that delivers unprecedented transparency, a unique smart property record and data immutability that only distributed ledger technology can provide. The trial has demonstrated a genuine use case for this revolutionary technology and will undoubtedly facilitate the development of entirely new products and services that will significantly improve the property buying and selling process for our clients across our global network”.

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“This type of innovative, integrated solution addresses the great potential to improve the property buyer's experience. Insurance customers could benefit from easy purchasing, whilst insurers increase data quality, improving the accuracy of underwriting and risk services”.

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